The Installation

'In Concept'


Efavirenz Dream:

'From black velvet rage to my haven of undetectable white - with intermittent viral downpours'


Viral load



(624 /    505000):

the sky falls in: 'Publisher Textiles' Drum light shade.




(480 /    128000):


replicating faster than I can keep up: bespoke pressed metal wall.




(515 /      38000):


black VELVET FLOCK RAGE: black velvet flock wallpapered walls.


08/2006 -



(583 /       26414)

- (480 /      22915):



dinner of unspoken conversations - I'm just not myself tonight:   bespoke 'Queen B' Australian beeswax candles, antique linen table napkin, bespoke dinner plates, reupholstered replica tulip chairs

and 'Publisher Textiles' screen-printed black velvet.


12/ 2009



(342 /    107000):



Galvanise: time to trial a new way of living: unstained viral Rug   'Designer Rugs' woollen and silk rug.


01/ 2010



(1240 /         <20):



in my replica of a safe bubble:

reupholstered replica Eero Saarinen Ball chair

'Publisher Textiles' silk screen printed suede.





( 857 /         <20):



undetectable velvet flock rage:

black velvet flock wallpaper, acrylic paint.


03/ 2015


( ??? /             ???):


beautiful tomorrow - yet to be created ... ?

Photo Gallery







Jonny Seymour was invited to create the soundscape for Inside/Out.


The following soundscape was his personal response to living with HIV; and incorporates songs and music from artists whose lives have been directly affected by the virus; or have been taken from us by AIDS.

Visual Projection: 'HIV Downpour'

The Visual Projection  for Inside/Out were a collaboration by the artist and Simonology.

Download AUDIO

Play audio:

Visuals: 'HIV downpour': Concept by artist. Realisation: Simonology.

Download MOVIE




I would like to formally acknowledge the support of:

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank in particular James from Mardi Gras, Rowena from Pine Street Gallery and  both Jane Costello and Craig Cooper from Positive Life NSW for getting behind this project from the get go.


I would like to formally acknowledge the support of ASHM Chair, Professor Basil Donovan and

Fraser Drummond  and the Corporate Responsibility team at ViiV Healthcare ; without whose generous support showing this work at the World STI and HIV Conference in Brisbane (September 2015) would not have been possible.



I would also like to recognise :


Stephen Allkins and Jonny Seymour for their friendship and for lifting me and this project up with

their sounds and their energy.


George Adams from MOP, Jason McKeen, Sean Jacobs,  my own special Doctor, of sorts, Dr Fernando Serrano for helping me to finally heal;  and  my forever gratitude and love to my guardian angel Adam Carthew for being there …always and still.


For me, one of the most special parts of this project is having collaborated with such an amazing group of individuals. I would like to give special thanks to the following for their invaluable contribution:


for his beautiful talent and for interpreting

my mind.

Forever indebted

to Danial and Tobhi (Spatial Design Consultant) from  Stukel Stone. Simply speaking Tobhi you kept me sane.

My heroes Mark from Publisher Textiles and  Maaike.

Ben from Benjamin Brockman Designs and Cate from Queen B for lighting up my life.

Deb Taylor  and Brett Stone from Claypool for their calming influence.

Scott from Wunderlite for his very kind support, patience and advice in developing our  pressed metal panels.

Install Documentation by Raf.